Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Short and to the Point (Maybe!)

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Katerina. I started my Mary Kay business for my 25th birthday last September. I started this business for two main reasons: the money and the ability to work with other people instead of working for someone else. I graduated with a BFA in painting and obtained another degree in Graphic Design, and I couldn't picture myself working for anyone else and not really being able to express my own creative ideas. My goal with Mary Kay is to pursue the Directorship career path in order to have the ability to sponsor my own projects and give back to the greater art community.

Since I started my small business, I've been trying to figure out a fun way to learn about and share information on all the amazing products Mary Kay has...the result is this blog!! Yay! This blog is for new Mary Kay customers, current Mary Kay customers, consultants, and just anyone wanting to learn more about Mary Kay. :) 
I'll be posting product info, current promotions, when I meet certain MK goals, and any Mary Kay events that may come up.

I do want this to be an interactive blog, so if you have any questions or ideas please post a comment or shoot me an email! I'm aiming to update this at least every other day, maybe even every day, so your feedback will be addressed and greatly appreciated! :)

*P.S.- My profile image is where I'll be posting my current goal! The red jacket you are seeing is the new Charley red jacket. I just need three more team members by June 30 to get it! 

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