Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend News

Okay, so I have lots going on within the next 24 hours. First, I am doing my first ever $1,000 day (my current max in one day has been $600); second, today is the first day of my Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

Reasons why you want to participate in my $1,000 day goal:
  1. I will include a special gift with each order. 
  2. When I reach my $1,000 goal, there will be a drawing where one lucky customer will get their order FREE
    • To enter the drawing: you need to place an order of at least $10
    • With every additional $10 spent, you will have your name entered an additional time. 
      • For example: $50 in product would enter your name 5 times, $100 would enter you 10 times and so on. 
  3. When I reach my goal, I will draw the winning name and that person will receive their order free!
Oh, wait! Remember that Memorial Day Sale I mentioned before? Well.......
So, for every $10 purchase you make, you get entered into a drawing AND receive 20% off your order.
I'm still taking orders for the Pink Relief Sun Care Kits. Thanks so much to those who have already helped out!
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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