Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Month for Mom!

This just in! I have 35 Mom Pampering Packages to give away this month! 

"What is a Mom Pampering Package?" you might ask. Well, a Mom Pampering Package includes a skin care analysis, microdermabrasion treatment, lip and hand treatment, custom foundation matching, personalized color makeover and a $15 gift card!

And guess what! All you have to do is send me an e-mail saying you want to sign up your Mom ("Mom" being your mom, a friend or relative you know is a Mom or Mom-to-be, just anyone who's a Mom!), I'll send you a personalized "gift certificate" for you to print, and on Mother's Day you just give her the certificate! 

Be sure to include in the e-mail: 
  • your name and number
  • her information (name, phone number, and e-mail address)
  • the best way to reach your Mom
  • the best time to call you because I'll be calling you the day after Mother's Day to see if you were able to give her the certificate 
  • and then I'll call her to schedule a date! 
Easy, right? :)

I also encourage you to join her for the Pampering Session. Yes, even the guys! And if you want to give this gift to multiple Moms, I'll have a special gift just for you!

And for those who buy the Limited Edition gift sets, I'll print out a certificate to put inside the gift as well. :)


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